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Bednarz N. & Proulx J. (2011) Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Contribution and Legacy to a Didactique des Mathématiques Research Community. Constructivist Foundations 6(2): 239–247. Fulltext at
Maheux J. F. & Proulx J. (2015) Doing|mathematics: Analyzing data with/in an enactivist-inspired approach. ZDM Mathematics Education 47(2): 211–221.
Maheux J.-F. & Proulx J. (2015) Doing|mathematics: Analysing data with/in an enactivist-inspired approach. ZDM The International Journal on Mathematics Education 47(2): 211–221.
Proulx J. (2006) Constructivism: A re-equilibration and clarification of the concepts, and some potential implications for teaching and pedagogy. Radical Pedagogy 8(1): 65–85. Fulltext at
Proulx J. (2008) Some differences between Maturana and Varela’s theory of cognition and constructivism. Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education 5(1): 11–26. Fulltext at
Proulx J. (2008) Structural determinism as hindrance to teachers’ learning: Implications for teacher education. In: Figueras O., Cortina J. L., Alatorre S., Rojano T. & Sepúlveda A. (eds.) Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of PME 32 and PME-NA XXX, Volume 4. Cinvestav-UMSNH, México: 145–152. Fulltext at
Proulx J. (2010) Is constructivism a victim of its success in mathematics education? For the Learning of Mathematics 30(3): 24–25. Fulltext at
Proulx J. (2013) Mental mathematics, emergence of strategies, and the enactivist theory of cognition. Educational Studies in Mathematics 84(3): 309–328.
Proulx J. (2014) From Model Building to the Observer. Constructivist Foundations 9(3): 341–344. Fulltext at
Proulx J. (2016) Living (in) Different Enactivist Worlds: A Mathematics Education Researcher’s Point of View on Enactivism. Constructivist Foundations 11(2): 226–227. Fulltext at
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