Author M. Shine Thompson
Mary Shine Thompson has published widely on Irish educational and cultural affairs, including law and education, Anglo-Irish literature and children’s literature. Recently, she has published “Unintended consequences of special-needs law in Ireland and Sweden” (2019, with Ann-Katrin Lena Svaerd) and edited Skelligs Haul

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Gash H. & Shine Thompson M. (2002) Constructivism and Celtic spirituality: Beginning a discussion. In: Lasker G. E. (ed.) Advances in sociocybernetics and human development. Volume X. International Institute for Advanced Studies, Windsor ON: 113–118. Fulltext at
Shine Thompson M. (2020) Growth Mindset and Constructivism in Irish Primary Schools: Implications of a Qualitative Study. Constructivist Foundations 15(2): 095–098. Fulltext at
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