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John shotter is Emeritus Professor of Communication in the Department of Communication, University of New Hampshire, and a Research Associate at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural & Social Science (CPNSS), London School of Economics, London. He is the author of Cultural Politics of Everyday Life (1993), Conversational Realities (1993), and Getting It: Withness- Thinking and the Dialogical in Practice (2011).

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Shotter J. (1995) In dialogue: Social constructionism and radical constructivism. In: Steffe L. & Gale J. (eds.) Constructivism in education. Lawrence Erlbaum, Hillsdale NJ: 41–56. Fulltext at
Shotter J. (2011) Perceiving “Things” and “Objects” from Within Processes: Resolutions Situated in Practices. Constructivist Foundations 7(1): 24–26. Fulltext at
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