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John Stewart (1941–2021) worked in the fields of the sociology of science, theoretical immunology, cognitive science, and the philosophy of technology. His publications are notably on the IQ heredity–environment debate, genetic engineering, the evolution of the immune system, and the relation between genetics and biology as a science of life. He criticized conventional and established science because it splits the objective and the subjective. He argued that molecular biology, and in particular contemporary genetics, ignores the organism as such and only thematizes the formal dimension of genes. His scientific work aimed at reconciling the two objective and subjective dimensions in a way quite akin to the work of his colleague and friend Francisco Varela. This is particularly developed in his last book Breathing Life into Biology (2019). In 2010 he co-edited the book Enaction: Toward a New Paradigm for Cognitive Science. John passed away on 31 January 2021. See obituary at

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