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Moreno A., Etxeberria A. & Umerez J. (2008) The autonomy of biological individuals and artificial models. BioSystems 91(2): 309–319. Fulltext at
Moreno A., Umerez J. & Ibañez J. (1997) Cognition and life. The autonomy of cognition. Brain & Cognition 34: 107–129. Fulltext at
Umerez J. (1995) Semantic closure: A guiding notion to ground artificial life. In: Moran F., Moreno A., Merelo J. J. & Chaco P. (eds.) Advances in artificial life. Springer, Berlin: 77–94. Fulltext at
Umerez J. & Mossio M. (2013) Constraint. In: Dubitzky W. (ed.) Encyclopedia of systems biology. Springer, New York: 490–493. Fulltext at
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