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Vanderstraeten R. (2000) Autopoiesis and socialization: On Luhmann’s reconceptualization of communication and socialization. British Journal of Sociology 51(3): 581–598. Fulltext at
Vanderstraeten R. (2001) Observing systems: A cybernetic perspective on system/environment relations. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 31: 297–311. Fulltext at
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Vanderstraeten R. (2002) Parsons, Luhmann and the theorem of double contingency. Journal of Classical Sociology 2: 77–92. Fulltext at
Vanderstraeten R. (2002) The autopoiesis of educational organizations: The impact of the organizational setting on educational interaction. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 19: 243–253. Fulltext at
Vanderstraeten R. (2005) System and environment: Notes on the autopoiesis of modern society. Systems Research & Behavioral Science 22: 471–481. Fulltext at
Vanderstraeten R. (2009) The autopoiesis of decisions in school organizations: Conditions and consequences. In: Magalhães R. & Sanchez R. (eds.) Autopoiesis in Organization Theory and Practice. Emerald, Bingley UK: 289–302. Fulltext at
Vanderstraeten R. (2010) Scientific communication: Sociology journals and publication practices. Sociology 44: 559–576.
Vanderstraeten R. (2012) Rewriting theory: From autopoiesis to communication. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 29(4): 377–386. Fulltext at
Vanderstraeten R. (2014) The Autopoiesis of Social Systems. Constructivist Foundations 9(2): 181–183. Fulltext at
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