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Muntean I. & Wright C. D. (2007) Autonomous agency AI, and allostasis: A biomimetic perspective. Pragmatics & Cognition 15(3): 485–513.
Wright B. (1991) An application of the epistemology of radical constructivism to the study of learning. The Australian Educational Researcher 18(1): 75–95. Fulltext at
Wright C. D. (2008) Embodied cognition: Grounded until further notice. British Journal of Psychology 99: 157–164. Fulltext at
Wright E. (2000) The topic of entity as it relates to Ernst von Glasersfeld’s constructivism. In: Steffe L. P. & Thompson P. W. (eds.) Radical constructivism in action: Building on the pioneering work of Ernst von Glasersfeld. Routledge/Falmer, London: 10–22. Fulltext at
Wright E. (2007) The faith of a social constructionist. SPIEL (Siegener Periodicum zur Internationalen Empirischen Literaturwissenschaft) 26(1): 117–129. Fulltext at
Wright E. (2011) Faith as Ethically Basic to the Task of Constructing. Constructivist Foundations 7(1): 31–33. Fulltext at
Wright L. M. & Levac A. M. C. (1992) The non-existence of non-compliant families. The influence of Humberto Maturana. Journal of Advanced Nursing 17(8): 913–917. Fulltext at
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