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Abrahamson D., Nathan M. J., Williams-Pierce C., Walkington C., Ottmar E. R., Soto H. & Alibali M. W. (2020) The future of embodied design for mathematics teaching and learning. Frontiers in Education 5: 147. Fulltext at
Donovan M. A. & Alibali M. W. (2022) Manipulatives and mathematics learning: The roles of perceptual and interactive features. In: Macrine S. L. & Fugate J. M. B. (eds.) Movement matters: How embodied cognition informs teaching and learning. MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 147–162. Fulltext at
Hostetter A. B. & Alibali M. W. (2008) Visible embodiment: Gestures as simulated action. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 15(3): 495–514. Fulltext at
Norton A. & Alibali M. W. (2019) Mathematics in action. In: Norton A. & Alibali M. W. (eds.) Constructing number: Research in mathematics education. Springer, Cham: 1–10. Fulltext at
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