Author L. T. Bergmann
Lasse T. Bergmann is a Postdoc at the Czech Academy of Sciences IrLab. He received his PhD in Cognitive Science from Osnabrück University in 2020, working on embodied moral cognition and enactive ethics. His fields of interest touch most intersections of cognitive science and ethics, from AI ethics, to social and moral psychology, and neuroethics. Lasse is a passionate sailor and board-game player.

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Dierckxsens G. & Bergmann L. T. (2022) Enactive ethics and hermeneutics: From bodily normativity to critical ethics. Topoi 41(2): 299–312. Fulltext at
Dierckxsens G. & Bergmann L. T. (2022) The Virtues of Love, Love of Nature, and the Role of Participatory Sense-making. Constructivist Foundations 17(3): 193–195. Fulltext at
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