Author S. Cheli

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Cheli S. (2017) On doubt and otherness: Deconstructing power and dissent. In: Baiasu S. & Loriaux S. (eds.) Sincerity in Politics and International Relations. Routledge, London: 122–136. Fulltext at
Cheli S. (2018) On the eigenform and viability of human complex systems: A view to epistemologically ground current psychotherapy. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 35(5): 505–519. Fulltext at
Cheli S. & Velicogna F. (2012) An Italian precursor of Kelly and friends? The quasi-Constructivism of Giambattista Vico. In: Stojnov D., Dzinovic V., Pavlovic J. & Frances M. (eds.) Personal construct psychology in an accelerating world. EPCA Pubblications, Belgrade: 47–52. Fulltext at
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