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Bio: Paul Goldenberg has been at EDC for over 30 years. He has taught primary-school, middle-school, high-school computer science, and graduate-school mathematics and psychology for education. He worked at the MIT Logo Laboratory with Seymour Papert and at Bolt Beranek and Newman with Wallace Feurzeig. At EDC, he designs, crafts, and researches curriculum and learning materials for K-12 students and teachers, using, building on or rekindling their natural curiosity about and interest in mathematics.

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Goldenberg E. P. (2010) Constructionism and the confirmation of a reluctant constructivist or Why, in American mathematics education, talk of constructivism is “out,” talk of constructionism never really happened, and it might not really matter anyway. In: Kynigos C., Clayson J. E. & Yiannoutsou N. (eds.) Constructionism 2012: Theory Practice and Impact. National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens: 23–32.
Goldenberg E. P. (2019) Author’s Response: Constructionist Curriculum Construction, Nutritional Supplements, and Language. Constructivist Foundations 14(3): 337–341. Fulltext at
Goldenberg E. P. (2019) Opportunities vs. Constraints and Faith vs. Knowledge: Constructing Mathematics in Classrooms. Constructivist Foundations 14(3): 312–314. Fulltext at
Goldenberg E. P. (2019) Problem Posing and Creativity in Elementary-School Mathematics. Constructivist Foundations 14(3): 319–331. Fulltext at
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