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Gerald Goldin, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education, received his Ph.D. in physics from Princeton and studied mathematics education at Penn, He co-chaired the PME Working Group on Representations, organized New Jersey’s Statewide Systemic Initiative, and directed two research centers at Rutgers. He publishes on education, mathematics, and physics, and is a Humboldt Prize awardee. His current investigations include mathematical affect and engagement.

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Goldin G. A. (1990) Epistemology, constructivism, and discovery learning of mathematics. In: Davis R. B., Maher C. A. & Noddings N. (eds.) Constructivist views on the teaching and learning of mathematics. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Reston VA: 31–47. Fulltext at
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Goldin G. A. (2014) A Fine Conceptual Analysis Needs No “Ism”. Constructivist Foundations 9(3): 376–377. Fulltext at
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