Author O. Horovitz
Omer Horovitz is a senior lecturer in the Psychology & Education departments at Tel-Hai Academic College. He is the head of the Physiology & Behaviour laboratory in the Psychology department. In parallel, he is a research associate in the Psychology department at the University of Haifa. His research focuses on neuroscientific human clinical research across the lifespan using both young and adult subjects, applying behavioral, psychophysiological and neural methods.

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Ataria Y., Lahad M. & Horovitz O. (2019) Applying the Neurophenomenological Approach to the Study of Trauma: Theory and Practice. Constructivist Foundations 14(2): 197–214. Fulltext at
Ataria Y., Lahad M. & Horovitz O. (2019) Authors’ Response: Whatever Works instead of All or Nothing. Constructivist Foundations 14(2): 226–229. Fulltext at
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