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Alan Maloney
is an independent K-8 education consultant. He edited Learning Over Time: Learning Trajectories in Mathematics Education and led numerous professional development workshops and MOOCs on CCSS-M from a learning trajectories perspective. He co-authored the mathematics educational software applications Function Probe and Graphs ’n Glyphs. He has previously been a research scientist, and holds a doctorate in biological sciences from Stanford University.

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Panorkou N. & Maloney A. (2015) Authors’ Response: Planting Seeds of Mathematical Abstraction. Constructivist Foundations 10(3): 352–354. Fulltext at
Panorkou N. & Maloney A. (2015) Elementary Students’ Construction of Geometric Transformation Reasoning in a Dynamic Animation Environment. Constructivist Foundations 10(3): 338–347. Fulltext at
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