Author M. F. Mascolo

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Mascolo M. F. & Fischer K. W. (2005) Constructivist theories. In: Hopkins B., Barr R. G., Michel G. F. & Rochat P. (eds.) The Cambridge encyclopedia of child development. Cambridge University Press, New York: 49–73. Fulltext at
Mascolo M. F. & Kallio E. (2020) The phenomenology of between: An intersubjective epistemology for psychological science. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 33(1): 1–28. Fulltext at
Mascolo M. F. & Pollack R. D. (1997) Frontiers of constructivism: Problems and prospects. Constructivist Psychology 10: 1–5.
Mascolo M. F. & Pollack R. D. (1997) Frontiers of constructivisms: Problems and prospects. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 10: 1–5.
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