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Hannah Richter is a Ph.D candidate in Political and Social Thought and an assistant lecturer at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK. Her Ph.D research explores the domain of sense as a productive ground of contemporary politics by drawing on the theory of both Gilles Deleuze and Niklas Luhmann.

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Richter H. (2015) Complexity, Power, Intuition: Unearthing the Affective Ground of Economic Structures. Review of The Power at the End of the Economy by Brian Massumi. Constructivist Foundations 11(1): 186–188. Fulltext at
Richter H. (2021) Re-thinking poststructuralism with Deleuze and Luhmann: Autopoiesis, immanence, politics. In: Rae G. & Ingala E. (eds.) Historical traces and future pathways of poststructuralism: Aesthetics, ethics, politics. Routledge, New York: 183–203. Fulltext at
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