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Johnson D. K. (2010) Footprints in the Sand: Radical Constructivism and the Mystery of the Other. Constructivist Foundations 6(1): 90–99. Fulltext at
Masani P. R. (1992) The illusion that man constructs reality: A retrograde trend in the cybernetical movement. Kybernetes 21(4): 11–24. Fulltext at
Riegler A. (2003) Whose anticipations?. In: Butz M., Sigaud O. & Gerard P. (eds.) Anticipatory behavior in adaptive learning systems: Foundations, theories, and systems. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 2684. Springer, Dordrecht: 11–22. Fulltext at
Wendel H. J. (1992) Radikaler Konstruktivismus und Konstruktionismus: Die Aporien eines falsch verstandenen Naturalismus. Journal for General Philosophy of Science 23: 323–352. Fulltext at
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