Reading Lists

Edited by Alexander Riegler & Randall Whitaker
A list of the ten key papers following Randall Whitaker's target article “In Maturana’s Wake: The Biology of Cognition’s Legacy and its Prospects” in Constructivist Foundations 18(1)
Edited by Claudia Liliana Perlo
This list is relevant because it emphasizes constructivist ontological and epistemological know-how, that the way of knowing modern scientist needs review and incorporate.
Edited by Karl H. Müller & Alexander Riegler
This list accompanies the special issue on Varieties of Contemporary Second-Order Cybernetics to be published in July 2016
Edited by Alexander Riegler
This is a list of the core literature on constructivist approaches.
Edited by Alexander Riegler
This is a selection of publications that critically oppose constructivist approaches.
Edited by Bernard C E Scott, Karl H. Müller, Alexander Riegler & Stuart A. Umpleby
In the 1990s, Jixuan Hu, back then the doctoral student of Stuart Umpleby, assembled a set of articles for a reader on Second-Order Cybernetics. They might be of interest for anyone interested in the history of Second-Order Cybernetics.
Edited by Manfred Füllsack & Alexander Riegler
This is a list of publications related to the upcoming special issue on "Eigenbehavior" to be published in un upcoming issue in 2017 or 2018.
Edited by Francisco De Assis Pinheiro
Edited by Jan Lelie
Metaphor, language and minding the mind
Edited by Andy Moorhouse
Edited by Jane Eden Laurio
Edited by Katherine Sykes
University of Northern Colorado, summer 2022
Edited by Karl H. Müller & Alexander Riegler
Second-order science emphasizes the inclusion of the observer and self-reflexivity that allows second-order science to operate on the products of normal or first-order science.
Edited by Aleš Oblak
The reading list contains a brief search of all conceptual and theoretical papers on neurophenomenology, available at CEPA.