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Cobley P. (2010) Cybersemiotics and human modeling. Entropy 12: 2045–2066. Fulltext at
Cybersemiotics, in forging a new philosophy of science, addresses the failure of all disciplines to recognize and adequately account for qualia and motivation, interrogates the status of “knowing” contra the computational information-processing paradigm, and explores the role of the observer in knowing. The present article discusses these key features of cybersemiotics and, in particular, their consequences for biosemiotics (to which cybersemiotics is a contributor). It argues that the constructivist basis of “languaging” in the cybersemiotic project presents a potential impediment. It suggests that although “language” is clearly in question in conceptualizing “knowing” and “observing”, the main issue for cybersemiotics has to do with the more general process of “modeling” that features in biosemiotics. Whilst the future of research in the sphere of biosemiotics will be enhanced by a greater understanding of “observership”, the article argues that aspects of the relationship of constructivism and realism will need to be made clear, and that the tools for this are available closer to cybersemiotics’ home in general semiotics.


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