Publication 418

Bond P. L. (2011) A complex systems theory and model of distributed team development. In: Millhauser K. L. (ed.) Distributed team collaboration in organizations. Emerging tools and practices. IGI Global, Hershey PA: 126–149. Fulltext at
This is a major departure from traditional approaches to team and social group dynamics and is based firmly in Maturana and Varela’s explanation of language, (languaging and conversing). The obvious audience is academics and practitioners involved in team working and team work theory. However, for proponents of Maturana and Varela, the paper shows how the biology of cognition can be a foundation of a multidisciplinary theory of social group dynamics. Somewhat controversially, I suspect, I believe I have found a point of agreement between the “complexity scientist,” Stuart Kauffman, and Maturana and Varela. The result is a concept of supracritical conversational networks that are nonlinear dynamical systems and hence the source of “complexity” in social systems.


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