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Mohapatra A. K. & Mohapatra P. (2015) Exploring the effectiveness of constructivist approach on academic achievement in biology at higher secondary level. In: Chandrasekharan S., Murthy S., Banerjee G. & Muralidhar A. (eds.) epiSTEME 6: Emerging computational media and science education. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai: 150–159. Fulltext at
A quasi-experimental study was conducted to explore whether constructivist approach could promote perception of nature of biology among higher secondary students. Close-ended questionnaires were administered before and after the treatment. Analysis of covariance test was performed to control the initial variance. The findings revealed that students taught through constructivist approach had higher scores on the concepts of digestion and absorption in the post-test compared to those exposed to conventional (traditional) method of teaching. The results confirm research supporting the positive effect of constructivist learning practices and view that constructivist approach to teach biology is a viable alternative to traditional modes of teaching.


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