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Cromby J., Newton T. & Williams S. J. (2011) Neuroscience and subjectivity. Subjectivity 4(3): 215–226. Fulltext at
Excerpt: In their various ways, all of the papers in this special issue take seriously the notion that contemporary neuroscience is relevant to subjectivity. In so doing, they challenge attempts to simply locate subjectivity ‘inside’ the body, very effectively problematising tendencies that might treat it as separate from the social and rendered exclusively by the neural. It remains difficult to isolate the biological from the social, as the two continuously interpenetrate. It is also the case that in interrogating the neuroworld, we must proceed with caution, given the possibility that it will reinforce regressive, reductionist or neoliberal conceptions of ourselves (Pitts-Taylor, 2010). Yet at the same time, to dismiss the neurological is to retreat to the comfort zone of familiar dualist schisms.

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