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Drüeke R., Klaus E. & Thiele M. (2017) Eine Genealogie des Konstruktivismus in der kommunikationswissenschaftlichen Geschlechterforschung. [A genealogy of constructivism in gender media studies] M&K Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft 65(2): 219–235. Fulltext at
During the 1990s, constructivism and its different variants were a much-debated topic in German-speaking Communication Studies, as well as in Gender Studies. Meanwhile, however, constructivist positions seem to be widely accepted. In our paper, we briefly ponder the epistemological consequences of constructivism, and introduce different constructivist positions that have exerted tremendous influence on the development of the field of Gender Studies within Communication Research. We differentiate between social and interactional constructivism – variants that presuppose a social subject – and discursive and poststructuralist positions, which underscore the importance of communicative action and do not assume an intentionally acting subject. Our goal in this paper is to shed light on the question of how constructivism and its different variants have changed and are still changing research and thinking about the interlinkages of communication, media and gender.

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