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Dietrich A. (2001) Autopoiese und Konstruktivismus als Fundament einer neuen Sichtweise der Unternehmenskultur. Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts-und Unternehmensethik 2(2): 181–202. Fulltext at
This article describes the replacement of traditional strategies for designing corporate culture with an innovative concept of cultural evolution in enterprises. The traditional method regards cultures as designable instruments which can be used to achieve management goals. In a complex and dynamic world, this view has become obsolete and must be replaced with a symbolic view of corporate culture. Corporate cultures should be regarded as autopoietic systems. Because of their endogenous orientation, autopoietic systems cannot be designed in a straightforward manner. Thus, strategies for designing cultures must be replaced with a careful cultural management whose activities are restrained to cautious modifications of general conditions such as organizational structures or the behavior of employees. One important means to achieve those modifications is to promote organizational learning.



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