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Russell T. & Osborne J. (1993) Constructivist research, curriculum development and practice in primary classrooms: Reflections on five years of activity in the science processes and concept exploration (SPACE) project. In: Proceedings of the Third International Seminar on Misconceptions and Educational Strategies in Science and Mathematics. Cornell University, Ithaca, 1–4 August 1993. Misconceptions Trust, Ithaca NY: **MISSING PAGES**. Fulltext at
This paper reflects on the implications of a five year programme of research and development with non-specialist teachers of science in primary (elementary) classrooms in England. Within a constructivist framework defined by University-based researchers, groups of teachers explored the viability of a range of methods of eliciting children’s ideas prior to helping children to develop their thinking in the direction of conventional scientific understanding. This research led to the development of curriculum materials, (Nuffield Primary Science) generated in a similar manner, with groups of teachers operating under normal classroom conditions. The outcomes and implications of this programme of research and curriculum development are described and critically discussed. Particular reference is made to the needs of teachers wishing to operate within a constructivist orientation, bearing in mind the constraints of normal classroom conditions.


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