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Appleton K. (1997) Implications for teaching derived from a constructivist-based model of learning in science classes. In: Abrams R. (ed.) Proceedings of the Fourth International Misconceptions Seminar: From misconceptions to constructed understanding, 13–15 June 1997. The Meaningful Learning Research Group, Santa Cruz CA. Fulltext at
While cognitive and social constructivism have at times been portrayed as competing paradigms, some authors such as Cobb (1994) have suggested that they are different ways of looking at the same thing. In an earlier paper, aspects of both cognitive and social constructivism were incorporated into a model used to analyse and describe student learning in science classrooms (Appleton, 1997). The model has subsequently been revised and has been used to draw implications for the teaching of science. In this paper, key elements of the model are explained, and how each may be used to inform and shape science teaching is explored.


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