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Tveita J. (1997) Constructivistic teaching methods helping students to develop particle models in science. In: Abrams R. (ed.) Proceedings of the Fourth International Misconceptions Seminar: From misconceptions to constructed understanding, 13–15 June 1997. The Meaningful Learning Research Group, Santa Cruz CA: **MISSING PAGES**. Fulltext at
We have used untraditional teaching methods as well as traditional ones in teaching particle models in science like the kinetic particle model of matter and the electron model for electric circuits to students from grade- 6 to grade-10. The methods called untraditional are drama (role play), concept mapping, writing about being particles (creative writing) and students “teaching” their parents about the models they have learned at school. Most research shows that these models are difficult to understand and to use. By using these untraditional methods alongside traditional ones more students were able to get a sound understanding of the particle models and able to explain physical phenomena by using these models.


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