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Tuncel I. & Bahtiyar A. (2015) A case study on constructivist learning environment in content knowledge courses in science teaching. Procedia – Social and Behavioural Sciences 174: 3178–3185. Fulltext at
The present study aims to find out the situations reflecting a constructivist learning environment by analysing the teaching-learning process in the content knowledge courses in Second Grade of Science Teaching Department in Education Faculty, Pamukkale University. It is believed that the results of the study will contribute to the improvement of teacher training programs as it reveals to what extent the learning environments provided to pre-service teachers have constructivist qualities and to what extent these teachers are trained within a constructivist approach. In the study, besides employing a qualitative research method namely case study, the research design “Single Case with Embedded Units” was used. In order to maintain the reliability and validity of the study, data and methodological triangulation were performed. The research study took place in 2011–2012 fall term, in Pamukkale University Education Faculty Science Teaching Department. The classes observed, instructors and students that are interviewed constituted the data sources of the study. As for the data collection instruments, “semi-structured in-class observation form”, “individual interview form for instructors and” focus group discussion form for students “were used. The data obtained from observation and interviews were combined together to create a data set. By means of content analysis, codes and themes were identified. As a result of the study, it was found that a learning environment that includes “active learning”, “reflective learning”, “associating with life” and “assessing simultaneously with teaching” were created in teaching-learning process in content knowledge courses.


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