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Zajda J. (2018) Effective constructivist pedagogy for quality learning in schools. Educational Practice & Theory 40(1): 67–80. Fulltext at
This article analyses theorising of constructivism, and discusses various approaches to constructivist pedagogy in schools. There is a consensus in recent research that teachers use constructivist pedagogy to improve learning. It is argued that the effectiveness of constructivist pedagogy is dependent on the quality of teachers, students’ characteristics, and their SES, motivational strategies, and school’s location. However, constructivist approach to pedagogy by itself, as a method of learning and teaching, is unlikely to be effective, as there are other factors affecting the learning process. Major variables impacting on the quality of the learning process include cognitive, social and cultural, dimensions. The article offers some insights as to why constructivist pedagogy is essential in supporting other popular approaches to learning and teaching. Suggestions are made on how to improve constructivist pedagogy, with a range of effective strategies for enhancing learning in the classroom.


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