Publication 7276

Prem E. (1998) Semiosis in embodied autonomous systems. [Construction of one’s own reality] In: Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control. IEEE, Piscataway NJ: 724–729. Fulltext at
This paper discusses processes of semiosis in embodied autonomous systems such as behavior-based robots or animals. The starting point for this investigation are the peculiarities of embodied autonomous systems, i.e. the fact that they are physical systems with a body that is to be moved around in the real world without the help of a human supervisor. We revisit previous results about the nature of representation in such systems. We draw parallels with the philosophical work of Martin Heidegger and show the relevance of these accounts for the study of autonomous sign users. It will be argued that signs are a type of equipment for such systems that reveal a specific interaction context and serve to orient autonomous systems at specific action circuits. These considerations shed new light on a considerable amount of previous work about the usage or “communication” of signs in the field.


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