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Stewart J. (2001) La conscience en tant que métaphore spatiale: La théorie de Jaynes. [Consciousness as a spatial methaphor: The theory of Jaynes] Intellectica 32: 87–110. Fulltext at
This article presents the theory of consciousness proposed by Jaynes. According to this theory, reflexive consciousness is constituted by a metaphorical process: more precisely, it is an analogue metaphrand of the real world, where the metaphiers of visual perception and spatial relations are particularly important. One of the consequences of this theory is that it explains why consciousness is so difficult to understand using the usual processes of métaphorisation; the article analyses in detail a number of these «failed metaphors », at the origin of seductive but erroneous conceptions of consciousness. Finally, the article discusses certain other question raised by this theory, in particular the relationship between cognitive science and philosophy.


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