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Mavrofides T. & Papageorgiou D. (2013) The expansion of ict: A new framework of inclusion and exclusion from the global realm. International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory 6: 1071–1078. Fulltext at
The proliferation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and their interaction with certain social systems led to the emergence of the phenomenon of globalization. Globalization lays on a technological infrastructure that makes it possible by minimizing the time needed for communication and inter-systemic interactions. The paper presents the state of globalization briefly and introduces some of the basic concepts of contemporary systems theory. In the remaining parts, we examine the problems posed to the basic social system-reconstituting functions by the “real-time” communications global network and finally we introduce some preliminary thoughts about the ways the political system (or any other management system for the matter) can try to solve those problems. Relevance: The paper is based on Niklas Luhmann’s theoretical framework and also follows concepts of Maturana & Varela and Heinz von Foerster.


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